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Brandon Hodge,

a.k.a. "B"

Resides in Austin, Texas, USA. While attaining degrees in History and English Literature at the University of Texas, Brandon developed an intense interest in the study of folklore, old beliefs and superstition.  The son of an Archeologist, it seemed natural to him to collect artifacts that were relevant to old cultures and what they perceived as supernatural phenomenon, offering them as evidence of the existence of that which science often ignores.  After several years spent searching for such items, Brandon began to display some of his more important pieces publicly.  Thus, his "Haunted Antiquities" show was born.

Each display begins with a trip to his study, where the careful selection of items from the collection takes place, each chosen for its curious or unusual properties and impact upon those who are to witness the event.  Once chosen and displayed (shows usually taking place in intimate settings and historical homes) the history of each item is discussed and the story behind it revealed.  More often than not, the intense reliving of the item's tale, under the careful scrutiny of Brandon, results in an eerie physical manifestation of the artifact's history.  Such performances hope to call into question the accepted views of the audience, and broaden their minds as to what truly lay beyond this world. 

Items such as Mr. Hodge's Victorian Autopsy Chest (connected to the William Palmer poisonings), Skull of Georje Maladon, The Skeleton Key of Four Oaks Ranch and the Monocle of Jean Lafitte all exhibit unique properties that offer evidence that something hidden by our immediate comprehension may lay beyond the veil of our understanding.

 In addition to this display of Haunted Antiquities, the esteemed Mr. Hodge is also the author of the William Palmer Séance; "Poison and Posession in the Victorian Age" -a séance written and performed by B., in which the answers behind the famous poisoner are discovered.  Also, debuting in October of 2002 is the just-completed John Jay French Séance; "Spirtualism in the East Texas Woods" -a séance commissioned by the John Jay French Historical Home and the Beaumont Enterprise in response to the discovery that the local folk hero was in fact a Spiritualist.

B has also created several popular bizarre magic effects, such as the Sumerian Gambit (an ancient secret is discovered by the participant inscribed upon an ancient plaque) and the Zodiac Dial (pictured here) in which a prediction of a participant's soulmate is made and fulfilled with a reading of one's celestial birth charts.  Brandon resides in Austin Texas with his beautiful black cat familiar, Miette.

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