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Joe Cabral.

Residing in Waterbury Ct.,USA, Joe Cabral, magical entertainer, has been amazing audiences for over 30 years with his brand of magic.  His unique programs have delighted a wide variety of groups locally and nationwide. 

Joe’s humorous and offbeat style provides a refreshing departure from the typical magical performance.  His show can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages and suited to any gathering or corporate function. 

Joe can tailor his show to meet your individual requirements, conjuring a variety of characters, such as the comically “sinister” Joe Black, or the Grand Wizard depending upon your needs.

Performance venues and clients include:

Habitat for Humanity.
Midsummer night eve, Burlington Public Library.
Suffield Players theater group.
Mount St. Vincent College, Riverdale, NY.
Waterbury Youth Services.

And a variety of school, fraternal, and civic organizations.

 Professional accomplishments:

Performed as an extra in the Movie, Stanley & Iris, with Jane Fonda.

Performed on the Canadian Discovery channel in a documentary highlighting strange and unusual magic.        

Professional affiliations:

            Member of the Society of American Magicians

A founding member and Grand Magus of the Inner Circle of Bizarre Magic. The ICBM is a group dedicated to perpetuating magic as a legitimate theater art and is recognized internationally for their work in the field. For the past 18 years, Joe has produced and directed “the Gathering of the Magi”, a special conclave for magicians from the USA, Canada, Mexico and Europe.  He has served as Publisher, editor of  Arcanum a quarterly manuscript devoted to a special branch of the magical arts. Joe is also a member of the original Eternal Order of the Immortals and is an Inner Council Member of the Eternal Order of the Immortals 2005.

Joe constantly strives to maintain his proficiency in magic and theater technique through regular attendance at conventions, lectures and by collaborating with Jeff McBride, Eugene Burger and many other personalities well known and respected in the magic community.

IN 2010

JOE CABRAL was honoured at NEMCON '29', March 2010

The NEMCON Board of Directors have chosen Joe Cabral to be the NEMCON XXIX honoree. Joe is a founding member and President (Grand Magus) of the Inner Circle of Bizarre Magick (refered to as ICBM); a group of magicians that believes magic should be performed not only to entertain, but also to excite & inspire the imagination.

For the past seventeen years, Joe has hosted an "Annual Gathering of The Inner Circle of Bizarre Magick," where magicians gather to eat, drink and do what magicians do best: MAGICK. Joe's gatherings are not "just another magic convention." They are a three day feast... a celebration of the Art of Magic.

Besides running his own convention, Joe Cabral is a member of Assembly 127 and finds the time and works tirelessly setting up the stage, sound system and lights for the annual NEMCON convention. The NEMCON Board of Directors is proud to honor Joe Cabral for his contributions to the art of magic and his dedication and support of NEMCON. 

NEMCON (New England Magician's Conference) was held on the 13th March 2010 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, 100 Berlin Road, Cromwell, C.T. See the slideshow of the event below.


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