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Joe Lantiere

Joe Lantiere  has been doing magic for over 40 years. Married in 1978, he and his wife, Stephanie, reside in Oakville, CT, USA.

His first stage show was in 1969 and he has been performing regularly since then. He performed at his first magic convention on stage in 1977 in New Haven, CT. He is a graduate of the prestigious Chevez School of Magic. He was the first place winner of the New England Close-Up Magic Competition held in Worchester, MA in 1981, and is the recipient of many local magic awards and honors. Also in 1981 he starred in a weekly television show "Mister Miracle's World of Magic" on a local cable access station.

He is a past-president of both local chapters of The International Brotherhood of Magicians (Ring # 59) and The Society of American Magicians (Assembly #29, which he co-founded in 1982). He was the owner of Olde World Magick, a mail order company for Magician's books & supplies, from 1991 to 1998. 

He has given lectures on stage lighting, close-up magic, ventriloquism, tarot reading for entertainment, escape magic and many other topics. Based in Connecticut, he has performed as far south as Florida, and as far west as Las Vegas and Hawaii.

Professional Memberships: International Brotherhood of Magicians, Society of American MagiciansPsychic Entertainer's Association, Ventriloquist's Association of New England, North American Association of Ventriloquists. Joe is a graduate of Post College in Waterbury, CT with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration (Marketing Major). He is also a Master Mason (32nd Degree) a former member of Mensa (the High-IQ Society) and an alumnus of Jeff McBride's Mystery School.   

He is the owner of Joe Lantiere Books, and is the author of:

·        Springboards of Superstition (1990)

·        Witchcraft's History Outline (1990)

·        The Magician's Wand: An Illustrated History (1990)

·        Professional Tarot Reading Secrets (1992)

·        Secrets From The Shadows (periodical, 1994 to 1998)

·        The Journal of T.H.O.T.H. (1995, co-author).  

His articles have appeared in the following magic periodicals:

·        Arcanum

·        The Altar Flame

·        Behind the Smoke and Mirrors

·        Crypt's Quarterly Crier

·        The Magic Menu

·        Genii

·        Vibrations (periodical of the Psychic Entertainer's Association)  

·      Jeff McBride's Secret Arts Journal

Joe is available for walk-around (strolling) magic for parties and grand openings, Bizarre Magick lectures for magic organizations, close-up magic for Halloween Parties and Tarot Readings for entertainment at adult parties and psychic fairs. 

Metaphysically, Joe received his Doctor of Divinity Degree in 1987 from the Church & School of Wicca in New Bern, NC, U.S.A. and has been the High Priest of at least three different Witchcraft covens.  He is one of the founding organizers (in 1991) and current board member of the Connecticut Wiccan & Pagan Network. An accomplished musician, he is the musical director at the Church of Eternal Light (a Pagan Church) in Bristol, CT, U.S.A., where he is also the High Priest. He is also a member of the Builders of the Adytum (B.O.T.A. - a Tarot/Qabalah Mystery School), the co-founder of The Hermetic Order of Thricegreatest Hermes (T.H.O.T.H. - a high magick ceremonial group), and is a certified Reiki Master/Teacher. (He has also saved the Earth as we know it several times, but, chances are, you'll never hear about it.)

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