Dragonskull Magick presents a profile of Kevin Price, performer of bizarre and unusual magick.

Kevin Price

Born in Kitchener, Ontario Canada. I have been interested in magic since the early age of 12 years old. The two performers that influenced me to magic were Harry Anderson and David Copperfield.The first effect I learned was John Cornelius’ Vanishing Nickel, I remember practicing that effect a while when I was kid, but was worth it.

When I lived in Toronto I met up with a good friend named Thom Barnett who inspired me to take up magic again.  I have always painted and sketched since I was young and have always seen things from an artistic perspective I guess. This artistic sense helps me greatly with my magic; I’m always trying to come up with creative presentations and effects.

I moved to Glasgow, Scotland a few years ago. Since being here I have befriended a lot of great people and have learned what seems a lifetime of knowledge in the short span of a few years.

In 2004 I was sitting in the haunted Nicol Edwards with a good friend of mine David Lesault. We had an idea to bring other performers together of a like mind who are interested in Bizarre Magick and Mentalism. So we started The Spirit Theatre Company.

Kevin is a member of:-
The Scottish Conjurers Association.
Actors Equity Union.

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