Punx and his magic can be found in the Dragonskull Who's Who archive.


"Punx" was the stage name of Ludwig Franz Wilhelm Hanemann, who was born of German parents in Hartlebury, Worcestershire in England on October 27th 1907.

He moved to Germany when he was a young boy and became interested in magic when his grandfather took him to see Dante, which resulted in him becoming an avid amateur.

Whilst serving in the German Army medical corps during WW11, he was captured in 1943 and was interned in England. It is during this period in his life that he started performing as "Punx" which he continued when he was repatriated to West Germany.

He was a pro since 1948, when he became the 3rd recipient of the Hofzinser Ring (his innovative act of magic as theater). This was re awarded again in 1950 for life. He was Dean for life of the PEA since 1979.

He was a prolific inventor of magical effects as well as writing numerous books and articles, some having been translated into English by Bill Palmer. These include, 'Magical Adventures and Fairy Tales' (1989); 'Fourth Dimensional Mysteries' (1990), 'Farewell Performance' (1990).

"Punx" also made several prime time television appearances in Germany. The world of Magic and his friends suffered a great loss when he died on February 11th., 1996.

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