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Rick Maue.

Rick resides in Pittsburgh, USA and was born 2nd April, 1959, his interest in magic started when he was five years old.

Began working on Séances in early 1976, in preparation for a two hour Houdini Séance on the 50th anniversary of his death. Since then, has created/performed in well over a thousand séances.

Following a few decades of creating and performing a combination of magic, mentalism, and Haunted Magick, Rick began releasing material to the magic community through Deceptions Unlimited, which he owns along with his wife Tammy. They have released two
instructional videos of original material ("Haunted Magick" and "Deceptions") and a third is in the works.

Rick also released his first full-size book in 2000 entitled "The Book Of Haunted Magick", which has sold in over 30 countries. His next book, "Occam's Magic" will be released in the Fall of 2002.

In addition, Rick and Tammy have begun producing items from other creators & performers. Their first outside project is the video,"The Carlyle Touch: An Evening With E. Raymond Carlyle", whichfeatures a wonderful collection of magic and mentalism, as well asthe only footage of Carlyle's legendary "Medium's Grip".(AvailableJune 2002)

Lastly, Deceptions Unlimited produces live events in their hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. Their nightclub shows have featured top talent from great venues such as "Caesar's Palace" in Las Vegas, "Monday Night Magic" (New York City's longest-running magic
show), and comedy clubs from coast-to-coast.  Often these shows are coupled with their "Deception Conventions", which are gatherings for magicians and mentalists that are held several times per year. Once a year, they produce a convention that is dedicated
to bizarre magick and mentalism.

There is a lot more to see and read at: http://www.deceptionsunlimited.com

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