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Tony "Doc" Shiels.

"Doc" Shiels was born in Salford, Lancashire, England in 1938. As a youngster, he was inspired after seeing Dante, Cecil Lyle, Galli Galli and other top liners at the Blackpool Palace Theatre.

By profession he was an artist who became a part-time pro magician in 1963. He operated a pro tent show with magic and mentalism and became a pioneer in Bizarre magick.

He wrote many articles and books including:- '13!!!' (1968), 'Something Strange '(1968), 'Daemons, Darklings and Dopplegangers' (1969), 'Entertaining with ESP' (1974), 'And Then there Were Three' (1974, along with Roy Fromer & Tony Andruzzi),  'The Shiels Effect' (1976), 'Bizarre: The Surreal Sorcery of Tony "Doc" Shiels '(1988), 'The Cantrip Codex' (1989).

He also made one audio and one video tape.

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