credits for the Who's Who archive at Dragonskull


Karl Bartoni and the 'Dragonskull Magick' team, past and present (see 'About This Website') would like to thank the many helpers and supporters of this archive project, especially those listed below. Without your help, our task would have been harder and taken even longer.

Carl Herron.   

Bill Palmer A.I.M.C.

Steven Rivkin.  

Joe Lantiere.

Mark Thorold.

Trevor McCombie.


Bart Whaley for his invaluable tome, 'Who's Who In Magic - An International Biographical Guide From Past to Present'. First edition and first printed in March 1990 and published by Jeff Busby Magic Inc. A limited edition of 500 copies, 100 of which were hardbound. Contains 460 pages, thousands of listings and if you were one of those known enough to be were lucky!


Karl Bartoni came up with the idea of this archive which has been well received

It is his intention to update this archive whenever time allows and include anyone with an association (in any form, past or present) in Bizarre and Storytelling Magic, Mentalism and Séance performance.

For full details about being included, use the email link on the 'Cover' to send us an enquiring email (please don't expect a rapid reply though).

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